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Well this was a delight! Love the puzzle and riddle-solving aspects to it rather than the focus being on battling enemies (and love the fact that enemy interaction is batting them away with a cleaning utensil, very fun!).

It's a wonderful story, told in a very efficient way to squeeze it into a short experience (with multiple endings, no less!). All of the characters were really well-written and fun to interact with, the endings that I discovered were all awesome (and all emotionally-charged for totally different reasons) and I thoroughly enjoyed every step I took as Yuki =)


I really really loved this game . Thanks for making it! ^^

Thank you for playing the game and for your comment! I'm happy you enjoyed the game!

Was this made in VX Ace?

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Yes, it was! You kind of asked this a year ago already :D

Opps. Sorry ^^;

Well would you be interested in having it brought over to MV?

I think I still am not, but thanks for the offer!

You sure?



I'm starting to progress through the dungeon! This game is really genius, I'll tell ya. I loved the recipie bit! I have to say, I only accidentally found the entrance to the water ducts--it's not obvious to find! I lost to the Imps' game xD I'll probably figure my way around it~ 


Yay! Genius, how so? ( o///o) I do agree the water source entrance is not great, I would do that differently now, in new games or if I overhauled KDM (again)! I hope you can continue!


Just finished! Are there multiple endings btw? It ended where Yuki leaves with the two prisoners, I felt it was such a bittersweet ending as I liked the idea of Yuki and her Master getting together haha, but overall this was such a sweet game! For something so simple, it did evoke emotions for what it was~


Wow, that was quick! There are multiple endings indeed! (4+) What you got is what I would consider the "true" ending.

Maybe in the future if I ever make a follow up to it! I did try to imply the possibility of them getting together in case I don't make a sequel!

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it and that it managed to be emotional!


It definitely did! I will try for the other ends later! I know you can go back to your room, or when you find master concentrating you can leave. I assume the other ends are just the death endings at the hands of the imps or Zuri xD


Oh I actually meant "proper" endings, I didn't consider any of the deaths as an ending! Zuri kind of gives obscure pointers to every normal ending!


This looks adorable *downloads*

I hope you'll like it!


It's a cute game so far, but I am having trouble finding my way through the dark at the moment xD

Oh, didn't you take the candle with you?

You can take a candle? Haha, I will go start again now xD

I remember going up to everywhere in the room, I must've missed it.

Ohh, the candle will hopefully make it quite a bit easier, but I'm kind of happy you didn't immediately quit and actually tried to navigate the darkness :D

What was this made in?

I made this in RPG Maker VX Ace! There's a newer version of that program available now, as well.

MV. Well I myself have that program, and have been porting some games from VX Ace over to MV so people can play it on MacOS and Windows. So if you'd like to maybe I can help port it over? I have all the software to do this, it's your call though.

Sorry, I forgot to reply before this - Thanks for your offer, but I'm not currently interested in porting KDM over to MV!

No worries ^^


I played your game! Although I did not beat the game, I made a video of my experience with it so far. I really enjoy the main character, she's very "kawaii desu desu!" (For lack of a better a term.) I also enjoy that the game is focused on puzzle solving rather than RPG battles. I'm looking forward to playing the rest of the game on my free time! I hope you'll continue to make great games! Good luck!

Thanks very much for your comment! I'm glad you like the puzzle aspect and the non-combat focus, because I intend to make another RPG along those lines. I'll be sure to watch your video later! Thank you!