Warning, it's slightly graphic! (not sure if it needs the NSFW tag, however?)

Made for the "Daydream" Bitsy Jam!

Hold right to play! Can you awaken?

My brother and I had the idea of using the engine differently than intended, this is the result of my work after that idea! Seems like I had to push poor Bitsy to its limits, it started being really slow and unresponsive towards the end... D:

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withBitsy
Tags1-bit, Abstract
Average sessionA few minutes


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Really appreciate this 'little' game / cinematic scene

Bitsy movie, nice. Innovative. The movie itself, good deal of psychedelic.

Thank you! It took quite some effort to make, and things were starting to get a bit worringly slow by the end. I don't know how many "maps" that version of Bitsy really supported, but it seemed to be reaching its limit.

This is so cool! Found it while looking through old bitsies. Really interesting  use of the medium

Thank you, I’m happy you like it! It was kind of hard to make, the engine slowed down because of the sheer number of pages and symbols towards the end. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to finish it, but bitsy still managed, thankfully!


This is so good... cryptic in a sense

Thank you!

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This is such a great use of Bitsy. :-) I also wanted to use Bitsy  differently & added a lot of Exits to create a puzzle game.

Thank you very much! I find it interesting to think about the possibilities you have with such a simple engine, you have to think outside the box a bit more than usual!