Warning, it's slightly graphic! (not sure if it needs the NSFW tag, however?)

Made for the "Daydream" Bitsy Jam!

Hold right to play! Can you awaken?

My brother and I had the idea of using the engine differently than intended, this is the result of my work after that idea! Seems like I had to push poor Bitsy to its limits, it started being really slow and unresponsive towards the end... D:

Made withBitsy
Tags1-bit, Abstract
Average sessionA few minutes


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This is so good... cryptic in a sense

Thank you!

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This is such a great use of Bitsy. :-) I also wanted to use Bitsy  differently & added a lot of Exits to create a puzzle game.

Thank you very much! I find it interesting to think about the possibilities you have with such a simple engine, you have to think outside the box a bit more than usual!