WASD / ARROW KEYS + MOUSE for controlling, ENTER or SPACEBAR for menu inputs!

A short, slightly arcade-y spooky adventure. Though I've tried to make it rather tame, it might still potentially jumpscare and some of the imagery may be disturbing.

Programs used: Adobe Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, Pyxel Edit, Pixelmash, Construct 3, Adobe Audition

Made for SCREAM JAM 2018

I had to reupload after the deadline because of some critical bugs suddenly appearing, I hope that's alright!


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Ano, I liked it a lot. Is it okay if I'd like more garden stages though?

Thank you very much! I'd have liked to implement more outside levels as well!

I enjoyed the sense of helplessness but the light source isn't with the character. Was still fun though.

Thank you! The light is supposed to be movable with the mouse, did that not work?

it does indeed work i'm just slow apparently. Still good game.

No worries, and thanks!